We Are The Children Lyrics

We Are The Children
�Bob Reid 1993

We are the Children the future�s in our hands
We have the right to all our dreams and plans
Living in the present
Learning from the past
Headed for the future
Hoping it will last

Will I ever be
All I want to be
We shall see


I watch the trees grow tall
Their leaves die and they fall
So must we all


The blue sky and the sea
I wonder if they�ll be
There for me



He May Be Slow
From We Are The Children
�Tom Paxton

I have a little brother named Jim
Sometimes I get a little worried about him
Jim�s about the nicest kid I know, But Jim is slow
He likes to follow me wherever I go
He thinks there�s nothing in the world that I don�t know
He doesn�t smile like the other kids do ,
But the love shines through, the love shines through

He may be slow but he�s still in motion
He�s got his own road his own hill to climb
All he needs is a little devotion
He may be slow, Lord, but he�s right on time

When I take him out to wait for the bus
Folks who know us have a smile for us
I zip his jacket and I straighten his hat
And he likes that
When they bring him back home around three
I can tell he�s been looking for me
then the tumbling and the wrestling begins
And he usually wins, he usually wins!

He may be slow but he�s still in motion
He�s got his own road his own hill to climb
All he needs is a little devotion
He may be slow, Lord, but he�s right on time
He may be slow, Lord, but he�s right on time


I Know Math
From We Are The Children
Phil Hoose �Precious Pie Music

Now I went to buy a toy it cost three fifteen
I gave her three and a quarter, (If you know what I mean)
She gave me one nickle back I said,�I�ll tell you one time�
�I know math and you owe me a dime!�

I Know Math Ooo I Know Math Yes I do!
Stronger than Karate - Tougher than Kung Fu
I Know Math

Now the teacher asked the class what is eight pus eight
She didn�t think we knew she heard us hesitate
Then the whole class yelled in voice clear and lean
�Eight plus eight is SIXTEEN!)

I Know Math Ooo I Know Math Yes I do!
Stronger than Karate - Tougher than Kung Fu
I Know Math

Now we were behind the score was seven to four but when our turn came we scored five runs more
The other team yelled at least we�re sttil beatin� you
I said, �Don�t make me laugh cause we�re ahead by two!�

I Know Math Ooo I Know Math Yes I do!
Stronger than Karate - Tougher than Kung Fu
I Know Math

Now the Tooth Fairy knows I get a fifty cent rate
So when I lost two teeth I thought, �Hey this is great!�
She left me quarters til she heard me holler
�Get back in this room gal, you owe me a whole dollar!�

I Know Math Ooo I Know Math Yes I do!
Stronger than Karate - Tougher than Kung Fu
I Know Math

So Hey Cashier! Don�t you act so strange!
We can figure taxes and we make change
We know the minutes and we know the hour
and that adds up to a lot of KID POWER!
We Know Math Ooo We Know Math Yes we do!
Stronger than Karate - Tougher than Kung Fu
We Know Math

I'm Worried About the Future
From We Are The Children
Words by Bob Reid and elementary school students from Denmen Elementary School
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1993

I'm worried about the future. What will it bring?
Will the days still be sunny? Will the birds still sing?
Will everyone have a home?
Will the whales have the seas to roam?
Will the stars still be shining bright?
Or will the smog block the rays of light?

I'm worried about the future. Will the water be safe to drink?
Or will we still pour poisons down the kitchen sink?
Will the water be as black as ink?
Will the people take the time to think?
It's not easy living on the brink!
Did the man in the moon just wink?

I'm worried about the future.What can I do?
To make the world much safer for me and you?
And for all of the animals too
To help the water and the air re-new
To keep the skies forever blue
Where the dove and the eagle flew
To keep a better way of life in view

The Hand That Opens Empty
From We Are The Children
words & music � Bob Reid  1993

My Dad works for a company that everybody knows
They moved their business out of town but not everybody goes
And sometimes we have problems when it�s time to pay the rent
And sometimes I get hungry and all the money�s spent

To the land of opportunity came my mother me and Dad
Looking for a better life than the kind of life we had
And sometimes we have trouble �cause we get so little pay
And sometimes I get hungry �cause we eat one meal a day

And the hand that opens empty is difficult to hear
Above the noises of our lives though it may be very near
Someday it may be your hand, Someday it may be mine
We all must keep on listening to hear that hand in time
I�ll hold that hand in mine

I like to go and visit James when he�s feeling up to it
It�s hard just living everyday but he doesn�t want to quit
And sometimes he has trouble cause it costs a lot to live
And sometimes he gets hungry and something�s got o give

There�s a woman in our neighborhood her family�s grown and gone
Alone in her living room the curtains are all drawn
And sometime she has trouble cause it�s hard to get around
And sometime�s she gets hungry and she can�t get downtown

And the hand that opens empty is difficult to hear
Above the noises of our lives though it may be very near
Someday it may be your hand, Someday it may be mine
We all must keep on listening to hear that hand in time
I�ll hold that hand in mine, I�ll hold that hand in mine

From We Are The Children
Words & Music � Bob Reid  1993

There are those whose motivation you may suspect
There are those whose way of life you may not select
And there are times when our lives will all intersect
The seas divide the land and they also connect

Connection, Connection
Connection, Connection
Oooh Connection

Some sing soft while others like to loudly project
Some aren�t sure when they sing just what to expect
You�ve all your life for your song to perfect
It�s harmony when our voices connect

Connection, Connection
Connection, Connection
Oooh Connection

Like the ocean and sand connect
Like the wind and the wing
Like the notes we sing
Like life connects death and birth
The roots connect the tree to the earth
Dawn and Dusk connect day and night
Like a string a tail connect to a kite
Like one hand in another
Sister and brother
and each of us can have an effect
I think we�re here just to connect

Connection, Connection
Connection, Connection
Oooh Connection, Oooh Connection

The air we breathe, and water showing signs of neglect
And out of sight the garbage and the poisons collect
We can�t just wait and leave it to the ones we elect
To do what must be done we need to connect


Mom, Where�s My Jacket?
From We Are The Children
words & music � Phil Hoose Precious Pie Music

Mom! Where�s my jacket? I�ve looked everywhere
Under the bed, Over the chair
In the hall in the kitchen all the way up the stair
Mom! Where�s my jacket? I�ve looked everywhere
Mom! Where�s my jacket? Can�t find it I quit
Somebody took it
Probly don�t fit
They were after the patches, Call 911
Let the cops find my jacket
Cause I can�t I�m done

I�ve looked on the ceiling
I�ve looked on the floor
Don�t say keep trying
I can�t try anymore
Why would anyone take it it just isn�t fair
Mom! Where�s my jacket? I�ve looked everywhere

Have I looked in the closet?
Oh don�t put me down.
Do you think I�m that stupid? Do you think I�m a clown?
Okay, I�ll try it. Hey Mama I swear!
It�s up on a hanger Well who�d put it there?

I�d like to keep talking for this has been fun
But the bus is outside now and I�ve gotta run
Have a really good day Mom and I love you a bunch
Gotta go wait a minute!
Hey Mom! Where�s my lunch?

I'm Scared
From We Are The Children
Abbey Fanslow, Beryl Fanslow, Diana Luellen, Claire Fodor, Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1993

It's eight oclock and it's time for bed
I've got my covers pulled up over my head
My parents tell me that its time to go to sleep
But I've got a secret that I just cant keep
I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I m scared all by myself in here

I see my sweater hanging on a chair,
But when you turn out the lights it looks just like a bear
I see my bathrobe hanging on a post
But when you turn out the lights it looks just like a ghost
I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I m scared all by myself in here

I try to put it away in the back of my head
But that doesn't work so I lie there in dread
I ll never forget those gleaming red eyes.
I feel like screaming, Get away from me you guys!
I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I m scared all by myself in here

I don't know what's in my closet
I don't know what's under my bed
I tell them that something is bothering me
They tell me its all in my head
I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I'm scared all by myself in here

Ann is asleep the kids are in bed
The night is calm but there s a storm in my head
The rent is due, the bills are not paid
Who do I turn to when I am afraid?

I don't know what's in my closet
I don't know what's under my bed
I tell them that something is bothering me
They tell me its all in my head
I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I'm scared all by myself in here

I try to tell 'em but they just don't hear
I'm scared all by myself in here

From We Are The Children
Words by Bob Reid and Shirley Viada's 6th grade class at Blossom Hill Elementary School
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1993

I cried and cried cause I couldn't go to the party
sat on my bed staring out at the stars
I hurt inside but I guess they had their reasons
I got a D in History,
which isn't very good for me
I know I could've got a B

I get so angry when they punish me
Stomp up the stairs and slam the door
It's hard to understand but I think I can see
Something I can't ignore
I know they couldn't love me more

I stayed up late cause I wanted to watch a movie
Should've been in bed a long time ago
Wasn't so great and now I'm really tired
Parents came home
They didn't phone
They found me lying on the couch
They looked at me and I said 'Ouch'


I pierced my ears and then I got a Mohawk
I thought that I looked pretty cool
My parents feared that the neighbors would sell their houses
I got a buzz, nothing but fuzz
I hid it underneath my hat
I know I'll never forget that



I Don't Know
From We Are The Children
Words and Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1993

I wonder how many stars are up in the sky
Way up there way up high
Is there Life in outer space?
Or are we alone the human race?

I don't know, He don't know, She don't know, We don't know
I don't know, He don't know, She don't know, We don't know

I wonder how many fish swim in the sea
I don't know. Don't ask me!
Just how deep can the ocean get?
I don't know, but it sure is wet!

I wonder just how old is the Earth?
And what's the date of its birth?
Is there an answer to all of these questions?
Does anyone have any suggestions?


Where Am I Going? (For Zayla)
From We Are The Children
Words by A.A. Milne
Music by Bob Reid

Where am I going? I don't quite know
Down to the stream where the king cups grow
Up on the hill where the pine trees grow
Anywhere, anywhere, I don't know
Where am I going? The clouds sail by
There's little ones, baby ones over the sky
Where am I going? Their shadows pass
Little ones baby ones over the grass

If you were a cloud and you sailed up there
You'd sail on water as blue as the air
And you hear me say as they took you away
Doesn't the sky look green today?

Where am I going the high rooks call
You know it's awful fun to be born at all
Where am I going? The ring doves coo
We do have beautiful things to do

If you were a bird and you lived on high
you'd lean on the wind when the wind came by
And you d say to the wind as it took you away
That's where I wanted to go today

Where am I going? I don't quite know
What does it matter just where people go
Down to the woods where the bluebells grow
Anywhere, Anywhere, I don't know
Anywhere, Anywhere, I don't know
Anywhere, Anywhere, I don't know


Brand New Day
From We Are The Children
Words by Bob Reid, Heather & Holly Houston, Mary McConnell, Kristy & Kelly Petersen, Michael Scott
Music by Bob Reid
copyright � Bob Reid 1993

The birds are singing the sun shines bright
I rise up early to the morning light
I go to the window look out on the bay
It's the beginning of a Brand New Day

Brand New Day, Brand New Day
Brand New Day, Brand New Day

People walking with their heads held high
There's nothing as pretty as the morning sky
The sun's gettin warmer with every ray
It's the beginning of a Brand New Day

Brand New Day, Brand New Day
Brand New Day, Brand New Day

Make every moment better than the last
I know for certain the time will pass
Don't let your life slip away
Tomorrow morning there's a Brand New Day

Live each moment from deep in your heart
Every day means a fresh new start
Blow all the cloudy thoughts out of the way
Tomorrow morning there's a Brand New Day

Brand New Day, Brand New Day
Brand New Day, Brand New Day

The sun is settin' makin way for the night
The stars are shining sharing their light
Somewhere out there far away
It's the beginning of a Brand New Day

Brand New Day, Brand New Day
Brand New Day, Brand New Day


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