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There's a Light In You
words & music Bob Reid 1995

There's a light in me, there's a light in you 
Whatever language you speak 
Whatever your point of view 
Whatever people may say 
Whatever people may do 
There's a light in you 
You must let your light shine through.

I am short, he is tall 
It doesn't matter if I'm small 
Whatever size I happen to be 
There's a light in me 
Please take the time to see.


My eyes are brown, hers are blue 
We may not share the same point of view 
Whatever our hopes, our wishes, and dreams 
There's a light that beams 
We're closer than it seems.


My friend Sam says she doesn't fit 
When she wants to play the others want to sit 
Times are hard, I must admit 
I hope she doesn't quit 
She's got to keep it lit.


When the world is looking grim 
It can happen to her, it can happen to him 
That's when you need that light to glow 
Come on and let it show 
It's brighter than you know.


When the sun has left the sky 
Bringing darkness to the eye 
Night reveals what can't be seen in the day 
A glorious display 
Behold, the Milky Way.

Chorus (2x)

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