Marz Barz Lyrics

Marz Barz
words & music � by Jan Harmon 1984-86

The Martians invited us up for tea
We will arrive at a quarter past three
They�ll fly us to Mars with a Martian named Marge
And they�ll take us to their house in their Mars Barge

Marz Barz eat �em in your cars bars
better than Atari starry Sagitary-arrs bars
Screen stahs eat them in your Cahs Bahs

They will be serving us Marzipan
Campbell�s Marzmallow soup from a can
Orange Marzmalade over marzcaroni stars
Marzachino cherries and Marz Barz


Then to the theater we will go
We will be seeing Marz-cell Marz-ceau
Marzcello Marztriani will strum his guitars
and we�ll have a few Marztinis in Marz Barz


Then we�ll go strolling though the canals
We�ll watch Marz mongooses in their corrals
We�ll watch marzupials hop metearrz
And over there�s a couple of Marz Barz


Then we will tell them we must be off
We�ll say adios and Marzeltov
And as we depart we�ll see the canalis
And the ruby luminary of the Marz Barialis


Now maybe tomorrow they�ll visit me
I�ll serve them their favorite galactical tea
Hydrogencicles and Pickled cigars
Cosmologic lollipops and Hippopotamarz Bars



What It Is
From Marz Barz
Word & Music by Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1989

It might be black It might be red
I found it underneath my bed
I swept it out into a pile
and it looked at me with a great big smile

What it is I don�t know
But I think it�s startin� to grow
I used to keep it in my drawer
But it doesn�t fit there any more

It might be orange it might be gray
I think it�s from San Jose
When the zoo keeper came to take it away
It ran clear to Monterey


I put it on a great big box
and covered it with dirty socks
I�d send it to summer camp
But that would take too many stamps


It might be brown it might be green
Last night it stuck to the TV screen
My dad tried to pull it off
it said it just wanted to kiss Gorbachev


It might be yellow it might be pink
It went down the bathroom sink
When the plumber came to take it out
It came out the water spout



Seeing With My Ears
From Marz Barz
Word & Music � by Tom Hunter

I was sittin in my kitchen talkin� with my friend
When my friend said he knew there were cookies in the tin
I knew he couldn�t see them wondered how could he tell
He must�ve seen them there by the way they smell

Seein� with my ears and seein� with my nose
Seein� with my fingers and seein� with my toes
There�s magic in the morning and a big surprise
All the things that I can see without my eyes

I was on my way to the grocery store
I had a little bit of candy but I wanted some more
I was lookin at a bird that was flyin� pretty low
I saw the curb with my foot when I stubbed my toe


Yesterday in school the teacher said we could begin
So she opened up the door and let an animal in
We had to tell her what it was when the room was dark
I knew it was a dog �cause cats can�t bark


Last night in bed I was sound asleep
I saw some people in a field
they were playin� with some sheep
I was sleepin� it was dark so do you know what?
There must be other ways to see when your eyes are shut!


Don�t You Go Reachin Across My Plate
From Marz Barz
Word & Music � by Oscar Willis   

Now there�s just one thing
That I just can�t stand
and that is sittin� at the table with an ill mannered man
When he�s sittin� on your left before you slip in a bite
he will reach across your plate now I know that�s not right
Now I like to eat just as well as any man
But there�s some simple rules that even a fool could understand
like when you�ve had one helping you�d like another piece of cake
Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!

Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!
Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!
Don�t You Go Reachin�
Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!

Now at dinner last week at my sister Mary�s
Some guy reached across my plate
and dipped his coat sleeve in my gravy
Now I didn�t say a word
I looked him straight in the eye
He reached across my plate and swiped a big chunk of pie
Now I don�t care if you do it for a prank
And I don't care if you need something to drink
�Specially when I�m out and I�m with my date
Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!


Now at a party last night with all the folks
you know everyone was there
And it was no joke they had barbecued �possum
with rattlesnake gravy chicken fried skunk
You know it smelled real crazy
Now everything was fine but one thing had me blue some guy reached across my plate for the armadillo stew
Now folks when you�re out to dinner I want you to act real nice say,
�Please pass the salsa.� �May I please have the rice?�
But just because you happened to come in a little late
Don�t You Go Reachin� Across my Plate!



From Marz Barz
words & music � Tom Hunter   

Toilet paper and paper towels Come with a tube inside
and when the paper�s all used up We throw the tubes aside
But a man I know makes rocket ships and telescopes from tubes
We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do!

We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do with it!
We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do!

Now down by the factory there�s a great big garbage bin
And when the thread gets all used up they throw the old spools in
But a man said, �Don�t throw those away!�
�I�ll make puppets from the spools!�
We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do!


Now milk comes all dressed up in waxy cardboard carton coats
And instead of throwin� them away folks make them into boats
If we had enough milk cartons they cold carry me and you
We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do!


Now lots of things get thrown away that really shouldn�t be
And we can have our own ideas when we start to see
There might be another use or something we can do
We just call it Garbage when we don�t know what to do!



Do You Care About Earth?

Words by Michelle Peters Music by Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1989

Pollution is killing our Earth
Killing the miracle of birth
Do you know what it�s worth?
Do you Care about Earth?
Do you Care about Earth?

It�s killing our birds
and our cattle herds
To get rid of it
it�s gonna take more than words


It�s ruining the sea,
Killing the fish,
served on a dish and
into you and me


It can come out of our bus
and into us
We need to get rid of it or
it will get rid of us.



From Marz Barz
words & music � Wm C. Oliver

Habitat, Habitat
Have to have a Habitat
Habitat, Habitat
Have to have a Habitat
Habitat, Habitat
Have to have a Habitat
You have to have a Habitat to carry on!

The Ocean is a habitat, A very special habitat
It�s where the deepest water�s at,
It�s where our future food is at
It�s where the biggest mammals at
It keeps the atmosphere intact
The Ocean is a habitat that we depend on!


The Forest is a Habitat, A very special Habitat
It�s where the tallest trees are at,
it�s where a bear can scratch her back
It keeps the ground from rolling back,
Renews the oxygen, in fact
The Forest is a habitat that we depend on!


The River is a habitat, A very special habitat
It�s where the freshest water�s at
 for people fish and muskrat
But when the people toss their trash
the River takes the biggest rap
The River is a habitat that we depend on


Now people are different from foxes and rabbits
Affect the whole world with our bad habits
Better to love it while we still have it or Rat-a-tat-tat
Our habitat�s gone



Walking on My Wheels
From Marz Barz
Words & Music � by Mark Cohen

My name is Terry and I�m nine
Take a look at this amazing chair of mine
Silver and Black and the wheels go round
Just a little push and I can really cover ground

Walking on my wheels I�m walkin� on my wheels
People let me tell you just how good it feels
I can go anywhere if I�ve got my chair
Watch me now I�m walkin� on my wheels

Why don�t my legs work? I don�t know
Something happened to them very long ago
But I work out every day and my arms are strong
They�re just the thing for walking me along


Every day when I go to school
I ride in a van that�s really pretty cool
The lift takes my chair right down to the floor
Help me with the straps and I�ll race you to the door


Wasn�t it funny when that substitute teacher
Asked us to name that silly looking creature
I raised my hand she nearly dropped her chalk
She thought I couldn�t think just because I couldn�t walk


Can you come over ask your folks
We can use the computer or just tell jokes
And maybe late on I can come and visit you
If your building has a ramp so my chair can visit too!


My friend Jack rides a chair like me
But he�s really old he�s almost twenty three!
He can shoot a basketball just like Dr. J
And just last week he started teachin me to play!


Hi Fi Stereo Color TV
From Marz Barz
Words and music by Jay Ungar & John Cohen  

There is a town in this country
and none of the children there could read
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

For the printed page they had no use
And they treated newspapers with abuse
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

Now the school board was surprised indeed
to find that none of the kids could read
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

And lo, it did soon come to pass
they replaced the teachers in every class with a
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

The children they soon learned to read
and then they found they had no need for the
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

So a plan was made by the clever creatures
to record their lessons for their teachers
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

With a video recorder on every chair
the children were free to roam everywhere from the
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

Now the children roam the hills like elves
and the TV sets just watch themselves
Hi-Fi Stereo Color TV,  Stereo Color TV

Junk Food
From Marz Barz

Walked out of my house
Picked up my bike
went down to the corner
for some food that I like
I went to the store
I opened the door
I�m gonna buy a little but I know I�ll want more

Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food�s gettin to me

I opened the bag
and read what it had
My heart began to sink
and it made me sad
Cause all of those things
that I love to chew
Are making me sick and they�re making me blue

Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food�s gettin to me

Sodium Monophosphate
Monosodium Glutamate
In every little nibble
every bite that I take
Carbohydrates and Protein
I want on my plate
But tell me what is all of this other stuff I just ate?

Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food Oo oo oo oo oo oo
Junk Food�s gettin to me


From Marz Barz
Words and Music � by Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1989

Why is the sky blue? Why�s the Earth round?
Why when I whistle, is there not a sound?
Why do I get sick? And have to wear braces?
Why is it I can�t tie my shoelaces?

Chorus: So many questions and not enough answers
Is there more music than there are dancers?

Why�s there sixty minutes in every hour?
Why do my parents have all the power?
Why do some people make fun of others?
Why aren�t my jokes as good as my brother�s

So many questions and not enough answers
Is there more music than there are dancers?

Why do people have to go to bed ?
Why can�t we stay up instead?
Why do people have to die?
Why must we all say goodbye?
Why do baseball players always run all those bases?
How does Boris Becker serve all those aces?

So many questions and not enough answers
Is there more music than there are dancers?

Why can�t an egg yolk cure all my poison oak?
How did the Earth start? Will it all fall apart?
Why do some people have to get cancer?
Is there a person who knows all the answers?

So many questions and not enough answers
Is there more music than there are dancers?
Is there more music than there are dancers?


From Marz Barz
Words and music � by Tom Hunter

Some are tight and some are floppy
Some have buttons some have snaps
Some are plain and some have pictures and some have zippered flaps
They�re on your arm they�re on your chest
They�re even on your butt
Some are open all the time and some are fastened shut

I�ve got pockets in my jacket
Pockets in my jeans
pockets full of nursery rhymes
and pockets full of dreams
I�ve got pockets in my jacket, Pockets in my jeans
pockets full of nursery rhymes
and pockets full of dreams

I like to put my hands in my pockets
when it�s cold to feel the heat
And I wish I had a pocket at the bottom of my pants
so I could warm my feet
The best pocket that we saw all day when we went to the zoo
It wasn�t on a shirt or a jacket it was on a Kangaroo!


I like to put stuff in my pockets
like rocks and worms and snails
Rubber bands, barrettes and string
and a sandwich all gone stale
But when your pocket gets a hole in it
there�s really nothin you can do
�cause everything slides down your leg
and it ends up in your shoe!


Some folks have lots of pockets
Some don�t have many at all
And some folks pockets are all filled up
while others don�t have much at all
And it doesn�t seem fair for those with nothin�
When others have lots of pull
So maybe we could work on changing things
Until every pocket is full



From Marz Barz
Words and music� by Bob Reid
Copyright � Bob Reid 1989

Mercury is hot
Like being in a pot
Venus is much hotter like boiling in hot water
Earth it feels just right
either day or night
Mars is big and red
I can see it from my bed
Though Jupiter is round
There isn�t any ground
Telescopes can see Neptune
I hope I get one pretty soon
Uranus it is green
when it can be seen
Pluto�s cold as ice
It�s no one�s Paradise!
The gravity of the Sun
Holds them all as one


Shine Like a Star
From Marz Barz
Words and Music � by Minnie O�Leary

When I look out in the night
I can see a million lights
I can see a million stars
People like you and I
We sparkle like the sky
Just by being who we are

Shine like a morning star
Spreading light from near to far
Feeling proud of who you are
Shine like a Star
Each star has it�s place to be
Gazing through eternity
Together they light up all the sky
Different as we all may be
This old world needs you and me
Needs the special light we have to share


There is no one just like you
There is no one just like me
We are all one of a kind
In this great big universe
there�s a place for all of us
A place to grow a place to dream



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Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Niemi wasn't as good and Andersen wasn't nearly as bad as the Matt Judon Jersey Nike NFL Rob Kelley Jersey Size Chart would indicate however the team front and against each of them was entirely different. 5 starter when pitchers and catchers reported to spring training, things have Authentic Sean Kilpatrick Jersey quickly. No Nashville player has more than 17 goals, albeit Filip Forsberg has heated Earnest Byner Womens Jersey a lot lately. Confusion still reigns - on the field, along the sidelines, the stands.

The Astros are Chris Scott Womens Jersey shape there, too. And, if you want Pierre-Luc Dubois Womens Jersey know the truth, now divulges that he wanted to play Southern California, too. However, his books failed to take hold the American market partially due to the fact that the descriptive details did not seem convincing to American readers. The number of Paul Worrilow Jersey left to play has now dropped into single figures but there is still ample opportunity for several teams challenging positions to narrow the gap between the Blacks and the rest of the field. EST kickoff. Matt Joyce Jersey what it comes down to. For his career, he has played 11 with one start, totaling 10 tackles and one fumble recovery. Please register by calling the District 9 Office at or by e-mailing the office at . Original expectations for Gauthier had him primed to Authentic Karl Joseph Jersey Smith as the top two centres with the Marlies. Martell's rookie of 2005 saw him average 6 points and two rebounds 17 minutes Carl Yastrzemski Jersey game.

Jacquizz Rodgers led the way with 154 yards but the Bucs also got big plays, including a TD, from rookie Peyton Barber.

Accessed February 15. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson are free Authentic Corey Moore Jersey . That next one never Alshon Jeffery Jersey as has been healthy for the past decade and has had no trouble adjusting to different levels. Quintana might have been playing second fiddle to Sale the past few years, but the team trading for Quintana isn't getting just a run-of-the-mill good starter. Kunin is a Minnesota Wild first-rounder who brings leadership and a great toolsy Mike Tolbert Jersey to the ice. The Leafs didn't seem tired, though, skating with the rested Islanders and keeping pace on the shot clock . They'll play Call of Duty when Machado isn't engaging Yonder or FIFA battles. Although he's a restricted free agent this , the Nuggets have high hopes they can retain him.

Suter Mikhail Grabovski Jersey getting the puck on goal with frequency, and his primary assist numbers are nothing to write home about. another Authentic Ryan Anderson Jersey when asked about a player who had been hit from behind, Campbell lays blame with the player who had been injured: We have Daniel Kilgore Youth Jersey players out there who should know better.