What others say about Bob Reid:

  • "I can't find words good enough to describe what you do with and for children. You are to me mostly a poet who creates a rippling effect with words. Your songs have a poignancy and depth I don't find in most children's songs. Your songs appeal to a wide range of ages, enticing the very little ones, while satisfying the oldest in our school as well. 

You are an incredible performer, but also a real teacher, one who knows when to be silly, when to be serious. How to control a group, sustain a relationship, organize an event, use time effectively. And you know how to use language to touch people in the most glorious way!" -Steve Peck, Principal, Santa Rita Elementary School, Los Altos, CA  

  • "Your ability to manage a cafeteria of over 300 students with just yourself and a guitar was outstanding. I believe you have the best classroom management skills of anyone who has performed at Lynhaven School . . Your messages to children are powerful, and I believe possibly more easily learned through music. You were a strong role model, one who I know they will be encouraged to emulate. We are never too young to learn the value of kindness, compassion, friendship and protecting the environment. Finally, you were FUN! The students loved you, the adults enjoyed watching a master performer and classroom manager . . . I know our children will not forget your day with us."  -Jocelyn Zona, Principal, Lynhaven Elementary School, Campbell, CA  

  • "It is rare in my experience to know an entertainer who demonstrates such high professional and ethical standards in work with young children. Every song . . every action brought out their best positive attitude toward social responsibility, conscientious concern for their environment and personal involvement in making this a better world." -Marian Thomas de Martinez, Principal, Colegio Americano, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico  

  • "Bob's positive approach and ability to engage the audience has made him a favorite musical treat at Foothill School. The rhythm, beat, catchy words and fun hand gestures allow the students to easily join Bob in singing his tunes. 

It is with great spirit that we applaud Bob Reid for bringing the performing arts to Foothill and sharing his love of music." -Louise Levy, Principal, Foothill Elementary School, Saratoga, CA  

  • "I commend you on your success in bringing music to the youth of the Monterey Bay Area. Your efforts are appreciated." -Sam Farr, U.S. Congress  

  • "I'm not sure who had a more enjoyable time, the students or the staff. Even though the audience was a varied one, 170 Special Education students, 5-21 years of age, everyone was able to participate and join in the fun." -Maryjane Reinhard, Supervisor, BOCES - Goshen, New York  

  • "You have stretched my music mind!"  -Lauren, Sixth Grader  

  • "Children seem to naturally respond to his charismatic manner and upbeat sense of humor." -Community Spirit Magazine  

  • "I think that you are explaining important messages in an interesting way." -Nana, Sixth Grader

  • "How could you sing so good?" -First Grader  

  • "Music has a way of penetrating much deeper than bare talk or prose and from that perspective, for many youth and adults in the country, you have been the ultimate educator.

As I have taken my children to see you perform over the years, I have been impressed with your creativity and humanity. You are one of the community's most esteemed resources." -Roger Mock, Principal, Watsonville High School, Watsonville, CA  

  • "I think he does a good job and if you're not careful, you might learn something."  -John, Fifth Grader  
  • "Yours is a different kind of music than most high school students are used to. It is especially difficult for second language learners to listen and understand new themes, but your talent as a performer is such that the students were totally captivated. You explained where the music had come from and a lot about yourself. They particularly related to Krug's song about the migrant workers. Including it in your performance shows that you understand these students. You are comfortable and you like the students, and it shows!" -Sara Paul, Teacher, Watsonville High School 

  • "Your ability to relate to each child as an individual and to value their feelings was quite evident. Seeing the children and their families, as well as nurses and Foster Grandmothers smile and sing along was a positive emotional experience." -Julie Doyle, Child Life , and -Suzanne Parent McClaughy, Head Nurse, Pediatrics, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center



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